It’s always beneficial to remind those few reluctant Trump supporters what would have happened if Hillary Clinton was elected president and continued the 3rd term of the Obama Administration.

Aside from a continued anemic economy with a growth rate of fewer than 2% GDP and a widening gap of national security issues directly threatening our sovereignty, there would undoubtedly be serious questions regarding past donations from foreign countries into the Clinton Foundation and President Clinton’s questionable policies regarding those policies.

And of course tipping the Supreme Court towards an unbridled progressive agenda perhaps for decades to come, moreover with billions of taxpayer dollars squandered on a “suspect crisis” (climate change), hundreds of years in the future, not to mention the disaster known as Obamacare, and the single healthcare payer option that would have surely been mandated for all, in that the scam was already in the works for a total government take over of healthcare, when Hillary became president.

However, thankfully Hillary didn’t win on November 8th and President Trump is methodically dismantling the egregious policies of the Obama Administration that actually penalized working class Americans and small business owners into second class citizens.

The Trump Administration has embarked on an aggressive pro-growth agenda of lowering taxes and decreasing the wasteful spending, abuse, and fraud that has become the hallmark of the Obama Administration.

According to new reports, more than a million Americans are now off of food stamps since the President took office, and are hopefully back within the labor force, as the unemployment rate keeps declining to its lowest point in 16-years.

Moreover, as part of the Trump master-plan, he’s proposed cutting the SNAP Program in his 2018 budget suggesting that states take a more active role by matching as much as 20% of federal monies allotted for the food stamp program, and expanding work requirements for those healthy able-bodied individuals accessing the food stamps.

Remarkably since Trump became president the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) dropped to almost 42,000 thousand individuals by May 2017, a decrease of almost 3% in just the first 4-months of Trump’s Presidency

Tell us in the comments below if you think President Trump will continue “draining the Washington swamp” throughout his administration?

Source: Freedom Daily

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