The pack of jackal’s were at it again Friday morning, in their continued attempt to bring down the mighty warrior, the wild dogs better known as the mainstream media had already set the bait, and were now circling around their prey hoping that the mighty warrior would finally stumble. The lead “jackal” (the Washington Post), had set the trap earlier in the week, in their attempt to once again snag the mighty warrior, by resurrecting the issue of Obama’s birthplace.

And the question remained would the mighty warrior known as Trump take the bait, or would he once again outfox the media jackals?

That question was immediately answered when Trump flanked on both sides by America’s war heroes, both past and present began their counter assault on a bemused press, and what began as a pack of wild dogs, were soon reduced to pups, as one veteran after another spoke eloquently on Trumps behalf.

The “birther issue” which actually began by operatives within the Clinton campaign, and later referenced by Trump, seemed a desperate attempt by the mainstream media to resurrect the issue, perhaps in response to Trumps outreach within the black community, which no doubt has the Clinton team in panic mode, coupled with the astounding reversals within her poll numbers.

Ironically while the press attempted to push the “birther issue” again, Patti Doyle who was Hillary’s campaign manager back in 2008, on Friday the same day that Trump was about to speak on the issue, admitted that she (Doyle), along with Hillary’s staff created the “birther issue” as a political wedge issue, that Obama was born outside the U.S. and therefore ineligible to seek the presidency.

Moreover another lead media jackal, CNN with Wolf Blitzer, about an hour after Trump’s masterful handling of the press interviewed Doyle who corroborated that the Clinton campaign had begun the rumor after a photo of Obama appeared dressed in Indonesia garb.

If there’s one thing the press as yet to learn, is that “the Donald” knows how to play them like a fiddle.

Check out the reaction of some of the members of the press as they realized they were being punk'ed by Trump:




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