After the official Republican nominee of Donald Trump with running mate Indiana Governor, Mike Pence he has decided to make some major changes and make a bold statement with his brand new look.

Many have spotted Trump flying his signature Trump plane when he flies around the country on and off of his campaign. The plane is the distinct red, white, and blue and has the Trump name written large letters across the side of the plane.

However, Trump felt that now that he has Pence as his new running mate coming along with The Donald on campaign it was about time to revamp the iconic plane's image.


Trump has decided to add Pence not only to his campaign but also to his plane. Now in addition to getting a new paint job, Pence's name has joined Trump's on the famous aircraft.


Furthermore, the new paint job is rather reminiscent of Air Force One, a sort of foreshadowing to the hopefully not so distant future.

Instead of the traditional red, white, blue color scheme that the Trump plane used to wear the plane is now painted white with a blue stripe that strongly represents the color scheme that the current presidential plane is painted.

No doubt this will drive Obama and Hillary absolutely mad.

There is still no word yet if the plane is to replace Trump's personal plane or if it is designed specifically for Pence. The design is slightly different than that of Trump's original plane, which leads one to believe that the plane is likely intended solely for campaign purposes.


It is going to be tough for Obama and Hillary to keep their cool when they are now campaigning around in plane that strongly resembles that of Donald Trump. Trump doesn't need the support of our two faced liberal president Obama like Hillary does. Instead he is going to do things on his own and in a big way.

Lets share this on Facebook and show those liberals a preview of what it's going to look like when Trump is flying around in the real Air Force One!

Source: Conservative Tribune


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