With the exception of a few GOP candidates, Donald Trump is the bane of everyone’s existence. Why? Because, he pulls no punches, and often his acidic approach puts people off.

While he may not be able to give an answer beyond “I’ll just do it” when asked a question about some issue or another, he is resonating with the American people, much to the surprise of many in the media punditry elite.

Before we go on, let’s get real about something for a minute. If any candidate has a clear answer for how to fix something, when they don’t have all of the details as to how it became broken in the first place, they are lying. So Trump’s mea culpa to not having all the facts and instead just saying that something has to be done and he will be sure that something does get done, come hell or high water, can be viewed as refreshing. In reality, it is the American way-we just do it, whatever it is, we get the job done-Period.

So, Trump resonates. In fact, he is resonating so much that the two groups that nobody thought he had a prayer of garnering support from, the same two groups the GOP has spent decades of time pandering to, are in Trump’s camp as of right now. A recent USASurvey poll has Trump with 31% of the Hispanic and 25% of the black vote. Those numbers are astronomical, particularly for the Republican Party. Not since Ronald Reagan, has a candidate had such broad appeal. How is this possible?

Trump wants America to be great again, he loves Americans, he believes in America, he does not care about your gender, race or color, and his points on immigration are misconstrued to be derogatory in a blatant attack to get him out of progressive-agenda way.

Trump has a progressive record, of that there is no doubt. His “epiphany”, whatever it may be, is not important to many, as long as he gets the job done, and his record in business, no matter what loop holes and laws he has utilized to benefit him, shows he is a winner.

The American people want to be winners too. It’s time and the polls are speaking for themselves. The next 14 months will be interesting to watch.

Source: QPolitical

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