Anyone who went to see the depressingly dark futuristic movie "The Road" can envision the fate that awaits mankind in the aftermath of a nuclear war: bands of desperate human remnants left to feed on the scraps of a gray, dead planet.

Before Americans on the left and on the right start beating their chests over President Trump's decision to send in heavy bombers to threaten a defiant North Korea with obliteration over its latest missile launches, please consider the following:

The U.S. "empire of democracy" currently is spread dangerously thin with over 800 military bases scattered all over the world, fueled by a debt-ridden economy that is on the verge of collapse. War and economic disaster often go hand in hand.

This administration, rather than reign in the Deep State as promised, has instead yielded to pressure to engage in saber rattling on four major frontlines  - - the South China Sea, the Middle East, Russia's western flank, and the Korean peninsula.

Any one of these strategic military hotspots could easily go from tough talk to tough action leading to conventional war and a final nuclear confrontation that engulfs the entire world.

The hypocrisy of our leaders is self-evident. As U. S. military officials shout out dire warning about the hyped threat of a nuclear capable North Korea against our ally Japan, it is the U. S. that actually used nuclear weapons against the Japanese at the climax of World War II. The biological effects of those two genocidal atomic bombings persist to the present day.

Conservative Americans voted for Donald Trump to make sure that the politically corrupt warmonger Hillary Clinton would not be in a position to drag the nation into unnecessary further conflicts and World War III.

Ironically, this administration believes it's high time to cowboy up.

Despite North Korea's allegedly unstable leader Kim Jong Un, the anemic communist regime in charge knows only too well that any attack against the U.S., Japan or South Korea would be committing national suicide. It's not going to happen.

Regardless, our military establishment reminds us that all options are on the table - - except for one, diplomacy.

As difficult as it might be for this administration and the American people to stomach, political diplomacy is the one "get-out-of-nuclear-war" card that has yet to be played.

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Source:Allen West

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