In case you didn't hear the news, Donald Trump won the Nevada caucus.

Let me rephrase that--Donald Trump destroyed the Nevada caucus.

In what is now his third straight primary or caucus win, Trump captured an insane 45.9 percent of the vote. The next down candidate was [score]Marco Rubio[/score] with 23.9 percent followed by [score]Ted Cruz[/score] who captured 21.4 percent of the caucus goers' votes.

It's obvious that Trump is connecting with voters on an emotional level, but the question remains will he be the one?

In his victory speech Trump made sure to speak about his success in getting Nevada's Hispanic population to vote for him. According to exit polls conducted by Fox News approximately 41 percent of Hispanic voters decided to vote for Trump, something that has surprised many pundits who declared him an unfit candidate who would do nothing but harm the Hispanic people.

"You’re going to be proud of your president," Trump stated to thunderous applause and chants of "Trump, Trump" after the polls announced he was the clear winner. "And you’re going to be even prouder of your country. The people of this country are absolutely amazing."

Even staff members for other candidates admitted that they don't know how to curb the raw enthusiasm that's been fueling Trump's rise to the top. "I just don’t know how you stop [it]" said a high-ranking member of John Kasich's campaign staff.

What's even more surprising is the amount of money that Trump has spent in Nevada in order to garner the success he's had. Trump only spend about $500,000 in the Silver State, while Rubio spend over $900,000 and Cruz shelled out over $700,000 in order to finish behind the reality-TV magnate.

With success rates like that and an incredible return on investment, it's quite insane to think that spending more money will have any effect on other candidate's popularity when compared to Trump.

Trump is the clear winner in three states now. We can only sit by and watch and wait to see how the rest of the primaries go.

h/t: WND

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