Listening to Trump on the campaign trail you understand immediately what he’s saying, there’s no spin, no ambiguity, no political speak, only a blunt promise that those thousands upon thousand of Syrian refugees are going back to wherever they came from.

Trump understands the dangerous game Obama is playing with our nation’s national security, he has a keen understanding of how the Muslim barbarians, in particular ISIS will attempt to use the refugee crisis as a way to get terrorists into America, he understands that a large number of Syrian passports may in fact be forged.

Add to that a porous border where thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens rush through and you have a recipe for a repeat of 9/11, and Trump along with millions upon millions of concerned citizens understand those dangers.

ISIS has already stated that they’re targeting the United States. In fact they have made photo-shopped propaganda images of them taking over the White House.

When Trump exclaims that we have “stupid leaders” one can almost imagine Obama’s response, and that’s what sets “The Donald” apart from those career politicians running for the highest office in the land. In that he’s not a career politician looking only towards the next election, he realizes the poor performance of those conservatives who won both houses of congress and still refuses to do their jobs…and that’s why he’s a threat to the political establishment.

Source: Daily Caller


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