California, that bastion of liberal and leftist thought and philosophy is once again in the news for something terribly undemocratic. This once again proves that liberals and progressives aren't open-minded at all to ideas that go against their way of looking at the world.

The terribly undemocratic thing which occurred is actual made up of two parts. The first, and most attention-grabbing part of this story is the news that two young girls as well as three others were pepper-sprayed by an anti-Trump protester in front of Anaheim California's city hall.

The secondary story, however, is equally scary in a country which believes in freedom of speech. The reason that crowds had gathered in front of the town hall was because a city councilwoman, Kris Murray, had proposed a city resolution which would have publicly condemned Trump's "offensive rhetoric" by the city of Anaheim.

Of course that proposed resolution drew the ire of pro-Trump supporters, who gathered en masse to protest the resolution.

Those Trump supporters, however, were met with vociferous and angry anti-Trump protesters who carried banners and signs and verbally assaulted members of the Trump crowd.

It was during the shouting match between the two sides that one anti-Trump supporter approached a group of people that included two young girls ages 8 and 11, and unleashed pepper-spray.

The anti-Trump protester promptly disappeared, but police have gathered descriptions of the man and are actively searching for him.

"He sprayed me in the face. Then at the same time, I was backing away; he sprayed that little girl," said Raul Rodriguez, one of the Trump supporters who showed up to protest the Anaheim resolution. "We're going to file charges against him for assault and battery, not only on me but on that little girl."

It's despicable that someone would resort to violence over allowing someone the freedom of speech to support their choice for president. Shame on those anti-Trump protesters and shame on the city of Anaheim for letting it happen on their watch.

h/t: CBS News

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