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The recording of a confrontation between a young Donald Trump “hater” and a citizen has hit the internet raising questions about the logic behind the animosity felt by so many toward the man who looks to be the Republican presidential nominee.

The interaction, which remained civil throughout seven-minutes, began when the unidentified man citizen approached the youth asking why he, along with several others, was stealing Donald Trump campaign signs from lawns.

The young man, who also remained unidentified, replied, “because I hate Donald Trump,” and a point-by-point question and answer dialog worthy of Socrates followed.

The youth said his reasoning was simple. “He’s literally, basically Hitler. He’s doing the same thing that Hitler did… well, in a different way.”

When asked how Trump compared to the Nazi Fuhrer who ordered the extermination of six million Jews, as well as the persecution of Catholics, Gypsies, homosexuals, and the disabled, the young wannabe activist had a quick reply.

“Hitler didn’t like Jews, so he killed a bunch of them, got rid of all them, well he tried to… and Trump doesn’t like Muslims and Mexicans.” he said, citing Trump’s promise to build a wall at the southern border. “I’m pretty sure he’s racist… he’s trying to build a freakin’… a big ol’ wall…”

But the youth also said that illegal immigration is a problem in his opinion, shifting his objection to the “big unnecessary expense” of building a wall, but favoring one if it could be made practically. “If it’s to keep illegal aliens from coming into America and not trying to block off Mexico from the United States, sure.”

With the subject of the wall resolved, the youth struggled to find another reason to hate Trump, settling on “fake,” agreeing that “Clinton’s fake, too,” then reluctantly admitting Trump is the only politician saying what he really thinks, which isn’t really… fake.

The obvious discomfort of the youth as his views collapsed when confronted with logic was tempered by his genial nature and willingness to at least discuss his Trump hatred.

By the end of the dialog, logic had pierced his certainty – leaving the possibility that his decision-making may become more reality-based in November.


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