Trump has only been in office for a short amount of time but he's already shown that he knows what is best for this country and has been working tirelessly to make the types of changes and improvements that will Make America Great Again. Many of Trump's actions and legislations have caused a great deal of pushback from the left and Trump's latest move is no different. In fact, this may have pissed them off more than most things because he is putting an end to Obama's prized welfare leeches and they are not happy.

It seems that these freeloading welfare leeches are out of luck. The 8-year long Obama train has finally run out of tracks and Trump's making some much-needed changes. The days of stealing the hard-earned taxpayer dollars and sitting on their rears all day are finally over.

Naturally, there is a lot of outrage by the freeloading left, especially after hearing the one the one thing Trump is taking away specifically.

Of course it's a little hard to believe that they're complaining so much after Obama gave them 8-years of taxpayer-funded food, housing, and even a free phone. That's right, a free phone for anyone who doesn't want to work.

These phones were infamously dubbed the "Obamaphones," and were a trademark of Obama's rampant overspending and abuse of the welfare budget.

Well, it looks like it's time to say goodbye to the "Obamaphones" that clearly weren't being used for their nine-to-five jobs, which begs the question, what were they using them for?

It's probably best just not to think about it and follow Trump and the newly appointed Ajit Pai lead in cleaning up this massive welfare debacle that Obama has spent 8-years crafting.

Pai has just been appointed to be the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission and is making major plays to trim the fat.

The phone program was first created in the Reagan era to help those looking for jobs have a way to be reached by potential employers. At that time it was a tax-funded landline for those looking for work.

Of course Obama flipped this on its head, handing out smartphones to any low-life that wanted one, with no thought of the cost to the American tax-payers.

This should have only ever been for people actively looking for jobs and should have been just the basic service required to contact potential employers. There is no need to give them a smart phone with all the extra features that they are using for who knows what.

It's just good to see Trump making the right call yet again and rewarding those who work hard rather than those that sit on their bums all day and enjoy our hard-earned dollars.

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Source: Freedom Daily

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