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Disagreeing with a candidate and at times being outspoken is all part of the political process, and if you’re a candidate running for the presidency, rest assured you’ll have your share of hecklers on the campaign trail.

Most candidates either try to ignore the heckler, or attempt to engage and or perhaps elevate the disruption towards a policy issue; however few candidates actually enjoy the unscripted intrusion.

Except of course if you’re  Trump, who had another encounter with a heckler Wednesday night, sending a big crowd in Massachusetts into frenzy when he had the heckler kicked out and then mocked him for being fat.

As Trump was delivering his speech on how President Obama had increased the Food Stamp Program to over 50 million people, a somewhat chubby protester got up and began heckling “The Donald” and was quickly removed from the event.

Trump witnessing the brief encounter immediately ‘SIZED UP” the situation and exclaimed, as only “The Donald” can; “You know, it’s amazing, I mention food stamps and that guy who’s seriously overweight just starts going crazy,” which sent his supporters into a burst of laughter.

Trump’s quip was captured by MSNBC and later uploaded to YouTube:

However this heckler wasn’t the first of the evening, early in his speech another sign-carrying protester was also hustled out, and yet another began screaming “You’re a racist!.”

What sets Trump apart from the rest of the candidates, is that he seems to actually enjoy these encounters saying to the to those in attendance;

“Isn’t a Trump rally much more exciting than these other guys?” While also poking fun at the media…the man actually seems to enjoys himself!!

Watch the video below:

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