It’s been reported that in the two months since President Trump’s inauguration, there’s been a sizable decrease in the number of illegal aliens crossing into America, at last count the Border Petrol estimated that there’s been about a 40% drop off, which of course is good news.

Moreover, since the inauguration, there’s also been a decline in the number of eligible immigrants applying for SNAP which is a food stamp program and also an uptick in the number of immigrants withdrawing from the program.

Luisa Fortin is the SNAP Outreach Coordinator for the Chattanooga Food Bank, and since mid-January, 5-families who are eligible for the program have withdrawn from the program. However, she currently has over 200 families signed-up for the program within the last 6-months. However, some of her clients are concerned that they may be deported if they stay within the SNAP Program.

“I get calls from concerned parents all the time: ‘should I take my kids out of the program?’” Fortin said. “They’re risking hunger out of fear … and my heart just breaks for them.”

However the law is very clear in that illegal aliens are not eligible for food stamps, however many live within an environment of “mixed eligibility” households, which receive benefits, case in point; illegal alien parents apply for food stamps on behalf of their citizen born children.

According to the Department of Agriculture, in 2015 over 1.5 million non-citizens received food stamps, combined with almost 4-million citizen children, living with non-citizen adults.

Legal immigrants, however, worry that receiving SNAP benefits may reflect negatively during the citizenship phase of their processing efforts, while illegal aliens worry about interacting with government officials,

An executive director at a Maryland community center who works with illegal aliens said: “Because of what’s happening with immigration, they want to remain anonymous. They just make do on menial amounts of food. They’re okay with rice and beans. I have parents who won’t even apply for free or reduced-price lunch because it puts them on the radar.”

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Source: Washington Post

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