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While there are quite a few political pundits out there who dismiss Trump as being crude, abrasive and opinionated, and moreover lacking the temperament to be president, however then I’m reminded that these were the same political pundits that predicted Trump would fold within a matter of weeks, after entering the race.

So much for pundits and their predictions, especially when it concerns Donald Trump, who is a master at branding himself, and cutting through the clutter of political speak, of which Hillary Clinton along with Obama are masters of, in short lots of political blather, with little definition.

That’s the fundamental difference between Trump and Clinton, while Hillary attempts to define Trump within a multitude of slogans, Trump narrows his definition of her with one simple word “CROOKED” and from that direct and accurate description everything flows.

As a marketer Trump is brilliant, in creating a series of attack ads focusing in on her “10-legendary lies.”

On Tuesday “The Donald” released his second video, from his newly created website dedicated exclusively to Hillary Clinton, and her deceptive, criminal and corrupt accomplishments.

The video starts out like most with Hillary’s denying she’s done anything wrong, this one targets her email scandal and her claim that she never sent or received classified materials, which of course if factually false, as a new report states “After review, there were at least 2,101 classified messages found on her server, and 22-emails which had “top secret” information on them.”

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