Presidential candidate and frontrunner Donald Trump speaking in Nashville at a National Federation of Republican Assemblies event, once again made news as he spoke, saying; “illegal immigrants, in many cases not in all cases, but in many cases are treated better than our veterans, who are the greatest people we have.”

Trump of course was referencing some of the horror stories taking place especially within the VA Hospitals and the trouble veterans have in simply getting basic medical care and services, and vowed that if he was honored with becoming president, that under a Trump administration, vets would be treated like first-class citizens.

Of course everywhere “The Donald” speaks there are always protesters outside, mostly supporters of illegal immigration and of course those DREAMers demonstrating, which provoked Trump to ask; “What about our children? Why can’t our children that are in the country… Why can’t they be the dreamers?”

Trump then added, “nobody ever talks about them… we talk about the DREAMERs… we talk about the illegal immigrants, who, by the way, are treated better than the vets.”

And that’s perhaps why Trump is capturing the hearts and minds of the American people, he simply says what's on his mind, unscripted and unedited, and because he simply speaks like us.

h/t: Breitbart

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