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There’s no doubt that the war of words between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is getting downright nasty, and perhaps it should be.

Because at stake may very-well be the survival of our own civil society, if we don’t get this coming election right.

The carnage in Orlando is the latest incident in what is fast becoming a long list of civilian casualties at the hands of fanatical Islamic extremists.

And the only one sounding the alarm is Donald Trump, who once again accurately referenced the bloodbath of the Orlando massacre as a war.

He demanded that we use tougher domestic surveillance of mosques, which under this administration has been prohibited, stating that America has been forced into a perpetual state of war, because Islamic terrorists have declared “absolute war” on our homeland.

In his speech on Monday, Trump referred to Obama’s lackluster account of the Pulse nightclub carnage which claimed 49-lives stating; “We're led by a man who either is not tough, not smart or he's got something else in mind.”

He continued saying; “We have to be very strong in terms of looking at the mosques.”

Then “The Donald” turned his attention to Hillary stating: “She's a weak person. She is weak on so many different levels; she is not the right person, especially in these times. These are times when you need solidity.”

There’s no doubt Trump understands the magnitude of what is taking place around the world, in that global Islamic terrorism must be met with unbridled and continuous force. If anything, history has proven time and again that appeasement simply prolongs the inevitable.

Trump hasn't minced words on social media one bit:



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