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For those Donald Trump supporters this speech on foreign policy was no doubt a welcomed change and perhaps a collective sigh of relief that Trump was finally using a teleprompter, and not winging it.

The detailed policy speech outlined clearly Trumps vision on how he would handle the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.

Speaking Monday in Youngstown, Ohio, Trump put forth a common sense and reasoned approach to his immigration policy; in that new immigrants are expected to assimilate into America’s culture, as millions upon millions have done throughout our history.

Moreover why this expectation should be an issue goes to the very essence of America’s core values as a “melting pot” for all those who cherish freedom.

And it’s for that very reason why America has been a refuge for millions of immigrants, in that America has always valued diversity and the rich heritage of different ethic, religious and cultural differences, however one’s heritage should never supersede America’s governance, its laws, institutions, or our way of life, as a free an open society.

And while many on the left accuse Trump of being anti immigrant, in truth Trump is simply calling for enforcement of America’s immigration laws that have been willfully and illegally ignored my this administration, furthermore Trumps temporary ban on Muslims entering America from known countries that either harbor or have a high concentration of terrorist activity, is a prudent, and wise national security issue, that American’s expect their next Commander-in-Chief take seriously.

Trump's statement below:

Nor can we let the hateful ideology of Radical Islam – its oppression of women, gays, children, and nonbelievers – be allowed to reside or spread within our own countries.

Beyond terrorism, as we have seen in France, foreign populations have brought their anti-Semitic attitudes with them.

A Trump Administration will establish a clear principle that will govern all decisions pertaining to immigration: we should only admit into this country those who share our values and respect our people.

In the Cold War, we had an ideological screening test. The time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today.

In addition to screening out all members or sympathizers of terrorist groups, we must also screen out any who have hostile attitudes towards our country or its principles – or who believe that Sharia law should supplant American law.

Those who do not believe in our Constitution, or who support bigotry and hatred, will not be admitted for immigration into the country.

Only those who we expect to flourish in our country – and to embrace a tolerant American society – should be issued immigration visas.

This also means we have to promote the exceptional virtues of our own way of life – and expecting that newcomers to our society do the same.

Pride in our institutions, our history and our values should be taught by parents and teachers, and impressed upon all who join our society.

Assimilation is not an act of hostility, but an expression of compassion. Our system of government, and our American culture, is the best in the world and will produce the best outcomes for all who adopt it.

This approach will not only make us safer, but bring us closer together as a country.

Renewing this spirit of Americanism will help heal the divisions in our country. It will do so by emphasizing what we have in common – not what pulls us apart.

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