Donald Trump, a GOP candidate for the office of the president of the United States is not defending Kim Davis, the Tennessee, Rowan County clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples because of her religious beliefs.

As we recall, Davis found herself behind bars as a matter of contempt of court. While many support her stance, to include other GOP hopefuls, like Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR), and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Trump is not one of them.

Trump’s position is that “we’re a nation of laws…” and he believes that because the United States Supreme Court has ruled on the matter, that Ms. Davis must issue marriage certificates to all couples, straight and homosexual. This position was backed up by MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, when speaking with Donald on his “Morning Joe” program last Friday, September 4th.

“Donald, bottom line is though the Supreme Court makes a decision, that’s the law of the land, right?” Trump answered in the affirmative. He went on to say that just as laws apply to immigration, they must apply to homosexual marriage, given the opinion of the Supreme Court.

All that being said, Trump did offer a set of choices that could have been made by Ms. Davis. First, she could have allowed her five deputies to issue the licenses instead.

Yes, it is true she would not allow her deputies to provide such licenses in lieu of her. Second, the people seeking such licenses could have driven 30 miles away to get one, rather than thought policing Ms. Davis and pushing a weak judge to side with them and incarcerate her.
In truth, Trump and Scarborough are wrong. The Supreme Court does not make law. Homosexual marriage has been left to the states, and Tennessee has no such law.

Rather their law states they may not interfere, in any way, with hampering one’s religious beliefs.

Our citizenry needs to educate themselves on this matter, and remind local, state and national leaders, as well as special interest groups, as to the position the federal government is allotted in terms of governance, and that is at the bottom of the stack, not the top.

Federal law does not trump state law. The smallest form of government was designed by our Founding Fathers to be the strongest, not the other way around.

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