As the presidential race starts to really heat up both Hillary and Trump are taking more and more shots at each other. Too bad for Hillary Trumps latest strike is going to be hard for her to come back from. Trump just released a PDF file containing 50 facts about Hillary and her past as former first lady and Secretary of State that is sure have the Hillary campaign furious and grasping for a defense.

The facts show the many shortcomings of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton and bring to light the damage and suffering that she has brought to our country.

What makes it even better is the fact that even though Hillary supporters and liberals everywhere will surely try to discredit this document, every fact in this PDF, originally posted on Trump's Facebook page is supported by facts and news stories.

Here's one perfect example, fact #21 reads "Clinton lied about a video causing the deaths of Americans in Benghazi."

No doubt Hillary and her minions will try to lie (again) and say that this fact has no merit. However, Trump has come to anticipate this sort of dishonest behavior from the Hillary campaign and was prepared.

Trump made sure to back up this fact with multiple news sources such as the Los Angeles Times, NBC, and the Daily Beast.

Hillary publicly assigned blame for the Benghazi attack to an anti-Islamic video but then behind closed doors she told both her family and the Egyptian Prime Minister that the Sept. 11, 2012 attack was in fact a planned act of terrorism carried out by radical Islam.

Another fact sure to get plenty of heat from the lying left is number 43, which states that "Minorities will be hurt most from Clinton’s policies."

Trump had evidence for this one as well. Clinton is all for immigration, both legal and illegal into our country.

The reality is that according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. Census Bureau, and the Pew Research Center unchecked immigration actually leads to a reduction in immigrant wages and an increase in immigrant unemployment.

Trump employed the same strategy when defending the documents 3rd fact which exposes the fact that Hillary would trade favors for donations, during her time as Secretary of State.

One of the more compelling supporting quotes comes from Harper’s Magazine and reads, "It is beyond dispute that these very same donors and the Clintons’ political allies have won the focused attention of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton when she served as Secretary of State."

The entire document reads like this with multiple irrefutable sources to back up each and every condemning fact about that scumbag Hillary Clinton. If there is a document that is this extensive detailing the many glaring shortcomings of the Democratic frontrunner then how is she even allowed to be in contention.

We need more of this to help uncorrupt the minds of so many Americans who have fallen for that woman's lies and deceit.

Feel free to check out the entire document and see for yourself.

Liberals are quick to discredit Trump and say that his arguments aren't based on the facts. Well heres 50 facts for those Hillary supporters to pour over while they contemplate supporting the Democratic con-artist that they are trying to elect as president.

The rest of us can feel comfortable knowing that our support goes to a man who not only does what he says and is honest but isn't afraid to call out those who spread deceit to the American people.

Be sure to share this on Facebook and show the world 50 reasons why this woman should never be allowed to be head of the table much less head of the country.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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