Within the first few minutes of the “self-proclaimed” national security speech, it was apparent once again that our “delusional Commander-in-Chief”, simply doesn’t have a clue on how to protect the homeland, his rambling discourse about gun control, and his blissful description of Islam set the tone of what was to follow.

Which of course had “the Donald” tweeting almost immediately stating; 'He refused to say we are at war with radical Islamic terrorists” and even criticized Obama’s description of the terrorist group calling ISIS…”ISIL”.


What was immediately apparent however was that nothing will change, the lack of a cohesive military strategy and his reckless Syrian policy combined with his willful refusal to enforce immigration law, all but assures a repeat performance of what took place in San Bernardino.

Trump continued “live-tweeting” as the president spoke, and warned against the presidents continued attempt in usurping our Second Amendment, and attacked Democrats for failing to identify the enemy as “radical Islamic Terrorists”, and aside from a lack of actual specificity on how to combat ISIS, Trump added; “is that all there is”?

Obama and Hillary Clinton have both been widely criticized by Republicans, particularly the presidential hopefuls, for refusing to use the phrase 'radical Islamic terrorists' while referring to ISIS.

Moreover it was only the carnage in San Bernardino, California and the FBI’s final classification that the attack on innocent civilians was indeed an “act of terrorism” that finally drew Obama out to even acknowledge let alone utter the word “TERRORISM” that forced him to show his face in some sort of official national response.

Obama spoke at length about his plans to limit Americans' access to high-powered weapons such as assault rifles, which sounds to most uniformed Americans that banning “assault weapons” is a good thing, however the reality is  there are only two types of weapons, "automatic" and "semi-automatic", and the phrase “assault weapon” is usually used by those politicians and activists attempting to disarm “law abiding” citizens from owning firearms,  and about banning people on the no-fly list from buying guns, Obama once again  fails to mention that the “no fly” list is flawed with many inaccurate names appearing on that list, such as the late Senator Ted Kennedy.

Source: Daily Mail


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