It should be evident by now whether you’re one of those Republican candidates debating Trump at the Republican Presidential Debates or one of those “never Trump” disciples, or hapless presidential foe Hillary Clinton, that Trump will eventually brand you, “LYEN Ted Cruz, Little Marco” or “Crooked Hillary,” and remarkably those labels will stick because Trump has an innate ability to size people up, almost instantly.

And no doubt when First Lady Michelle Obama began playing word-games Friday with her pal Oprah Winfrey who recently wished that older white folks would die off, little did Michelle realize that Trump would respond, in his usual unorthodox way.

Michelle attempting to outdo Barack’s now famous “hope and change” ditty saying: “We feel the difference now. … Now we’re feeling like what not having hope feels like. … What do you do if you don’t have hope, Oprah?”

She continued playing the “victim card” stating; “Barack didn’t just talk about hope because he thought it was a nice slogan to get votes,” the first lady said in the CBS interview. “He and I and so many believe: What else do you have if you don’t have hope?”

No sooner those words hit the airwaves; there was President-elect Donald Trump at another “thank you” tour on Saturday reacting to what Michelle said.

Trump speaking in front of a large throng of his supporters in Mobile, Ala., decided for a kinder and softer approach in hammering a lamenting Michelle, at his uplifting pep rally.

He first made a casual observation about Michelle’s televised interview, which immediately drew boos from the packed crowd, and then began to slowly take her comments apart.

“Michelle Obama said yesterday that there’s no hope,” and the crowd once again began to boo.

Trump continued; “we have tremendous hope and we have tremendous promise and we have tremendous potential.”

The boos instantly turned to cheers, as the crowd listened to Trumps every word: "I met with President Obama and Michelle Obama in the White House. My wife was there. She could not have been nicer," Trump said. "I honestly believe she meant that statement in a different way than it came out."

It was quite a show, there was Trump being gracious, being presidential, with no need  to be petty or trivial, Michelle Obama was quite nicely doing that on her own.

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Source: WSJ

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