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Tales of Donald Trump’s generosity are beginning to make the media rounds. The stories are those of kindly gestures toward ordinary everyday individuals.

The man is wealthy beyond that which many of us could ever hope for.

He is self-aggrandizing, and boisterous to say the least. However, it appears he is far more humble and appreciative than many give him credit for.

For example, a little over 20 years ago, his limousine broke down.  A passerby stopped to ask if he could assist, and did.

When asked what could be done to repay him, the Good Samaritan asked that Trump send his wife some flowers. Trump did, and along with it a note that told the couple their mortgage had been paid in full.

It turns out that this type of kindness-in-return is not out of the ordinary for The Donald. He has stepped in to aid a Christian ministry with a $100,000 donation.

He helped Maytag keep their doors open by buying their products for his hotel chain.

He is reported to have assisted the family of Clyde Frazier, Jr., a generous man himself and victim of the 9/11 attack, to keep the Harlem Hoops tournament alive.

Love him or hate him, like him and just not want him for a president, there is no denying that he is a kind man.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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