Social engineering especially within the military to simply push a radical political ideology is never a good idea. And thankfully President Trump is repositioning our military back to where most military analysts and experts believe it would best suit the armed forces as a cohesive fighting force.

Moreover picking Tennessee State Senator Mark Green as Secretary of the Army is in keeping with President Trump’s commitment to revitalizing the military as intended.

No doubt those on the rabid left see the pick of a Tea Party, pro-life conservative with Christian values in direct conflict with President Obama’s pick in 2016 of Eric Fanning the first “OPEN” homosexual to hold that post, and of course they’re correct, that’s what free elections are all about.

In that elections do indeed have consequences and the top guy gets to set the rules, it’s really quite simple.

Green is an incredibly qualified candidate who ran as “Reagan conservative” back in 2012 and won to become a state senator of Tennessee, recently tweeting out; “President Reagan's legacy as a bold conservative leader is one I strive to live up to. ‘Man is not free unless government is limited.’"

Moreover ” The Tennessean” one of the state's newspapers describes the 52-year-old state senator “Dr. Mark Green is a conservative Christian, veteran, father, husband and businessman.”

The editorial continues: “a former Army officer and West Point graduate who is popular among many Tea Party-aligned Republicans.”

Dr. Green is also a published author, and in 2010 wrote about his face to face interview as a Special Ops flight surgeon, and his encounter with captured despot dictator Saddam Hussein, the book titled “A Night with Saddam” was a critically acclaimed success.

However Green wasn’t President Trump’s first pick, the White House originally selected billionaire businessman Vincent Viola to replace Fanning, however, Viola withdrew his nomination last month. Citing difficulties in separating himself enough from his various businesses stating “enough so as not to pose a conflict of interest.”

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Source: Life Site News

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