If you're a Republican or conservative running for public office you can expect every single word you use in public forum or debate to be endlessly fact-checked and reviewed for accuracy. If you're a Democrat or liberal, not so much.

Nowhere was this point more clearly demonstrated than in the most recent Democratic presidential debate. Hillary Clinton, in an effort to rile up audiences and lash back at harsh condemnation from Republicans, claimed that ISIS recruiters are using videos of Donald Trump's anti-Islamic remarks to recruit more Muslims to their radical cause.

It has become quickly apparent, however, that Hillary Clinton lied in her statement.

Trump was the first to point it out--obviously because Hillary was attacking him--but he used a fact-check conducted by Fox News, which many liberals won't even look a crosswise.

However, Trump's call for Hillary to own up to her lies was taken up by other, more left-of-center fact checkers, and they all agreed with Trump. Hillary lied. Big time.

Peter Beinart, anĀ AtlanticĀ contributor responded that he hasn't seen any evidence of Trump's quotes or videos of Trump being used to recruit ISIS terrorists.

Politifact, an independent, non-partisan fact checking site determined that Hillary's claims were absolutely false. "We were unable to find any evidence to support this. The Clinton campaign did not provide any evidence that this is already happening," reported the site which is operated by the Tampa Bay Times and has won a Pulitzer prize for reporting.

But does that mean that Hillary is apologizing to Trump or attempting to backtrack her words? Not at all.

Liberals, by virtue of the mostly liberal broadcasting and print media companies in America, are given a free pass on anything that is seen to attack conservatives, even if the attacks are completely false.

Donald Trump deserves a personal apology from Hillary Clinton, and the world needs to know that she lied big time about Trump. If she lied about that, what else would she lie about to the American people?

h/t: BizPac Review

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