‘Tis the season for end of the year lists – from best to worst movies, music, television shows, and scandals, as well as moments from sports and even gaffes.

And this year, the president is joining in, asking supporters to help him crown a King of Fake News for 2017.

Trump’s re-election campaign along with the Republican National Committee have sent an email out asking supporters to rate “the most Fake News Stories” of the past year.

Last month, President Trump tweeted that there should be an award for the distinction presented for its coverage of him.

“We should have a contest as to which of the Networks, plus CNN and not including Fox, is the most dishonest, corrupt and/or distorted in its political coverage of your favorite President (me). They are all bad. Winner to receive the FAKE NEWS TROPHY!” he tweeted on November 27.

The president’s enormously popular social media account received tens of thousands of likes and retweets, leading to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee and the RNC creating the online contest.

The email provides a link to “Crown the King of Fake News” with three options, as well as a place for “Other” to suggest a story not listed among the choices.

The options are: Fake news, Faker news, Fakest news, or Other, and highlight some of the media’s most egregious mistakes – or flat out lies – reported during President Trump’s first year in office.

They range from the ABC report that the president instructed then-national security adviser, Michael Flynn, to make contact with Russian officials before the November election, which led to the four-week suspension of Brian Ross, the network’s chief investigative correspondent, and an embarrassing on-air celebration by the ladies of ‘The View’ before a retraction was issued.

CNN is nominated for “King of Fake News” for its report that WikiLeaks provided Donald Trump Jr. access to hacked documents prior to the time they were made public.

The former cable news giant claimed two unidentified sources had both “misread” the date on an email.

Time Magazine, which named Trump “Person of the Year” in 2016, is nominated for its breathless, but erroneous, report that the president removed the Martin Luther King Jr. bust from the Oval Office.

The email to the president’s supporters promises he will crown the 2017 King of Fake News sometime during the New Year’s Day weekend.

“Americans are sick and tired of being lied to, insulted, and treated with outright condescension,” it concluded.

What is your choice for King of Fake News 2017?

Source: Washington Examiner

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