In the aftermath of the bloody terror attacks in Paris, President Obama’s vow to welcome 10,000 more Syrian refugees to the United States has come under fire as state governors and Congress call into question the lack of adequate vetting to prevent radical Islamists from mingling among legitimate refugees.

FBI Director, James Comey, told a House Committee on Homeland Security that the federal government does not have the capability of conducting background checks on the refugees Obama wants to allow entry.

John Brennan, Director of the CIA commented, “The prides itself on its tradition of welcoming people from around the globe… but it is even more incumbent on the security and intelligence professionals to carefully screen those coming.”

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) said after the hearing, “We must put proper measures in place to ensure our country’s safety.”

And the National Border Patrol Council has confirmed that the Laredo Sector border agents are claiming to have apprehended eight Syrian illegal aliens as they attempted to enter Texas from Mexico.

Donald Trump, current frontrunner for the Republican nomination for the presidency, said the president looked “lost” at his solo press conference in Turkey during the G-20 summit and tweeted a similar sentiment on Tuesday: “Refugees from Syria are now pouring into our great country. Who knows who they are - some could be ISIS. Is our president insane?”

Now Trump is accusing the president of purposely directing the settlement of Syrian refugees to states led by Republican governors.

Speaking on the Laura Ingraham radio show, Trump said, “They send them to the Republicans, not to the Democrats, you know because they know the problem … why would we want to bother the Democrats?”

Trump’s comments came as 26 governors, all Republicans, announced that they would resist attempts by the federal government to place the refugees within their states. Five more states, including one led by a Democrat governor, said they would accept refugees, but called for increased screening before placement.

States with governors from both parties have accepted Syrian refugees, although the Associated Press reports that the number sent to Republican states, more than 1,000 since the beginning of the year, is nearly double that of Democrat states.

Trump is making the issue the centerpiece of a campaign swing, saying at a Knoxville, Tennessee rally, that the Syrian refugees should be provided with a safety zone within their homeland. “What I’d like is to build a big, beautiful safe zone… so people can live and they’ll be happier.”

GOP leaders plan to propose a bill this week that would impose increased vetting procedures prior to Syrian refugees gaining entry to the United States, but the White House has already announced President Obama will veto any such legislation that comes to his desk.


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