The only surprise coming out of this story is how effective Obama is in convincing a large segment of the population that he’s a Christian, and the fact that the mainstream media still attempts to push this false narrative.

Obviously Trump is well aware of the facts regardless of the media’s attempt to position the GOP presidential front-runner in a negative light for not coming to the defense of the President, during Trump's town-hall meeting.

However Trump isn’t taking the media bait, by suggesting Obama isn’t a Muslim, in fact there’s enough circumstantial evidence to suggest he is a practicing Muslim, and Trump was smart and savvy enough to recognize the media’s attempt to create an issue.

However the question isn’t whether there’s enough “circumstantial evidence” to prove if Obama is a Muslim or not, the question is how much more evidence does one need!

Would a video of the President himself and in his own words referencing “his Muslim faith” be evidence enough?

Before he was elected president, Obama was captured in an interview with George Stephanopoulos referring to his “Muslim faith.” Shortly after his comments were made he was corrected by the ABC anchor.

What is apparent in this video is that aside from Obama’s admitting to being a Muslim, is the mainstream’s attempt to clean up his “slip-of-the tongue”.

Source: American News



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