Apparently no one told Donald Trump that only Democrats are allowed to to to Detroit.

The party of Jim Crow and “Dixiecrats” has controlled cities like Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis and Baltimore for so long that Democrat candidates like Hillary Clinton don’t even bother scheduling campaign stops there, allocating travel funds for swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.

This past month, Hillary avoided questions from the press for the 272nd day in a row, devoting herself instead to fundraising in the Hamptons with Paul McCartney, Jimmy Buffett and the owner of the New York Giants, before jetting off for more parties in Hollywood with Justin Timberlake, Magic Johnson, and Samuel L. Jackson.

Clinton attended 37 fundraisers in August, bringing in nearly $70 million for her campaign.

And where was Republican Donald Trump all that time?

Trump was in Baton Rouge meeting flood victims who wondered why President Obama had time to visit New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy, but couldn’t be torn away from his golf vacation in “the Vineyard” to fly down to Louisiana, hit with another natural disaster.

Trump was in Mexico City meeting with President Enrique Peña Nieto to find mutual points of agreement about immigration reform.

And Saturday, Trump was in a different hot zone – Detroit.

Democrat-friendly media cynically derided Trump for even daring to visit a black church in that city, attending a service and meeting with scores of church and community leaders.

The Republican candidate, who is seen as having an impossible task of building support among African-American voters, said he was there to “listen,” but also called for a “new civil rights agenda for our time.”

Recently, Trump called out the long-entrenched Democrat rule of inner cities that has led to high crime and low employment, fractured and bleeding neighborhoods with bad schools and no jobs, asking black voters to take a chance on the real change a Trump presidency would offer.

“What the hell have you got to lose?”

Trump may not be the one to do it and this may not be the year it happens, but change is coming.

The black community will eventually rebel against the arrogance of the Democrat party in taking its vote for granted and demand more than empty promises made every four years.

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