Whether you support Ted Cruz or Donald Trump for the Republican nomination for president, what happened this week in Colorado is probably confusing and somewhat troubling. People are calling it a debacle and absolutely astounding, but the fact of the matter is Cruz came out on top.

Cruz won what is being called a "voteless victory" in the state of Colorado this week, because he managed to obtain 13 candidate-less delegates during a GOP convention over the weekend.

Trump and his supporters, of course, were furious.

"“I’ve gotten millions … of more votes than Cruz, and I’ve gotten hundreds of delegates more," Trump announced on the Fox News network Monday. "There was no voting. I didn’t go out there to make a speech or anything. There’s no voting."

The "voteless victory" as it's being called, came about because of a special rule that Colorado's GOP leaders invoked earlier this year. That rule did away with the traditional voting that takes place in most caucuses and primaries and instead put all of the power in the already chosen Colorado GOP delegates.

Those delegates, instead of going to the candidate who received the most votes, instead are free to simply back whomever they deem fit for the White House. And that's why the fact that 13 of those delegates have already backed Cruz without any voting going on is such a big issue.

"It takes Colorado completely off the map," said a former Colorado GOP chairperson. And he's right.

Now, instead of giving the citizens of Colorado the chance to bring their voices together on voting day to decide who to support in the upcoming GOP convention, that choice was given to a few, already hand-picked delegates who may or may not have even considered other candidates before deciding to back Cruz.

For the Cruz fans out there, you got the delegates, but you should be ashamed that you got them this way.

For the Trump fans, you missed the delegates through some conniving on the part of Colorado's GOP leadership and you should be livid.

h/t: WND

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