Donald Trump's ubiquitous media presence has waned in recent weeks as he is being considered the presumptive GOP nominee. That being said, he still commands a sizable lead in national polls.

In a recent poll that was conducted by Fox News, Trump lead all challengers and beat out Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton by 3 points. Trump takes Hillary 45 percentage points to 43.

Finally, some ammunition for all the people who say that Trump is un-electable. It turns out that he's not only electable, but he beats Clinton in a head-to-head contest.

Trump leads all current prospects for president among white voters. He gathers up 55 percent of the total white vote. But he's not as strong against black, Hispanic, or women voters. Trump only gets 36 percent of the women vote and even less of the black vote at 7 percent.

If, by some miracle, Senator Bernie Sanders manages to unseat Clinton, however, Trump fans be warned. Things could get interesting and dicey.

Against Bernie, Trump is projected to lose the election 42 percent to 46 percent.

Of course, like all polls, the Fox News poll has a margin of error. They predict that they're accurate within 3 percentage points.

That being said, it's extremely unlikely that the election will pit anyone together except Hillary and Trump. There is an almost zero chance that Bernie will make it out of the primaries and there seem to be no more Republican candidates who are willing to try and confront Trump.

It's also unlikely that Hillary will make it out of the primaries unscathed. With the FBI continuing their investigation of her private email server, it's clear that her disreputable history will eventually rear its head to bite her.

For all the Trump supporters out there, this Fox News poll is great news. For anyone else, it's sobering.

And that's just the way it is.

h/t: The Hill

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