Donald Trump has been criticized recently for lacking substance in his campaign to be America's president. Now he is pushing back against those naysayers by publishing his platform on gun control and concealed carry permits--and it's driving anti-gun activists crazy.

A driver's license enables a person to legally drive in any state in the country, reasoned Trump. Why can't a concealed carry permit work the same? Trump's major distinction between the two differences is a good one. A driver's license is a privilege, not a right. Being able to carry a gun is a right, not a privilege. So why is one--carrying a concealed weapon--so much more heavily limited?

Trump's right to carry law would expand concealed carry permits and allow holders to carry a gun anywhere in the United States. Trump is, perhaps, the best candidate to argue for this as he has stated multiple times that he has his own concealed carry permit.

Besides nationalizing concealed carry permits, Trump has also put forth his ideas for making sure military servicemen and servicewomen are safe by allowing members of the military to use firearms at bases and recruiting centers. President Obama has come under harsh criticism for banning the use of weapons at recruiting centers, especially after a terrorist attacked and murdered military recruiters earlier this year.

"To have a strong military, we need to allow them to defend themselves,” said Trump, voicing the concerns that many Americans share.

Additionally, Trump has made a case for lifting bans against high-powered weapons, saying that the U.S. government doesn't have a right to ban them.

It's clear that Trump's ideas are hitting a chord with the American people. He is rising through the polls and continues to slowly spin out policy points and ideas that would make him an attractive president. His gun control ideas are merely the beginning.

h/t: Opposing Views

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