“Gangs threaten the safety of our communities, not just in major metropolitan areas but in our suburbs and rural areas, too. Gang-related violence and criminal activity present an ongoing challenge for law enforcement everywhere. Our efforts to dismantle gangs are much more effective in areas where partnership with local law enforcement is strongest.” And with those words Thomas Homan, ICE Acting Director has turned up the heat against those marauding gangs of thugs who have brazenly committed violent acts of mayhem, while the previous administration simply looked the other way.

Officials on Thursday announced the biggest raid to date with the arrest of 1,378 individuals on an array of crimes including murder, drug and sex trafficking, many directly linked to illegal immigration.

The Department of Homeland Security ended a 6-week operation targeted directly at dangerous street gangs and announcing it was "the largest gang surge conducted by HSI to date.”

The official announcement by ICE concluded: “Of the 1,378 total arrested, 1,098 were arrested on federal and/or state criminal charges, including 21 individuals arrested on murder-related charges and seven for rape and sexual assault charges. The remaining 280 were arrested on administrative immigration violations. Of the total arrested, 933 were U.S. citizens and 445 were foreign nationals from 21 countries in South and Central America, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean."

The new priority and refocusing by the Trump Administration in addressing crime is simply another campaign promise that the Commander-in-Chief is keeping, with an emphasis on dismantling one of the most violent criminal gangs in America MS-13, also known as La Mara Salvatrucha, which has its roots within Latin America.

“Remarkably” of the 1,378 arrested, 1,095 were gang members, 3 other individuals had previously deferred action status under DACA, which means that they arrived as children and were given special classifications.

Obviously, the Department of Homeland Security may ask for the removal and deportation of these individuals because they’re a threat to national security or public safety. Also, an additional 10-individuals arrested during the operation were captured crossing the border.

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Source: Washington Examiner

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