The Obama administration’s refusal to protect the southern border of the United States has exposed military installations and troops to unknown dangers as the onslaught of illegal aliens, most likely including Islamic terrorists, continues.

On Thursday night, Navy security guards on duty at the Naval Air Station (NAS) at Kingsville, Texas were forced to make a split-second decision to defend the facility when a Chevy pickup full of illegals attempted to breach the entry gate.

The truck was obviously heavily weighed down by its human cargo as it blew past the first entry gate, triggering the deployment of what is referred to as the “final defense barrier” to prevent the illegals from entering the base.

The barrier consists of rubberized posts and steel cables designed to stop any vehicle – up to and including a semi-trailer truck traveling at a high rate of speed, and stopped the encroachment of the illegals’ truck almost instantly.

The pickup was severely damaged in the collision with the barrier fence, injuring six, both male and female, who were packed into the vehicle beyond its capacity.

Seats in vehicles are removed by smugglers to allow them to bring more illegals across the border and increase their profit, and it is still unknown how many passengers were in the truck, although authorities estimated at least 15 were hidden in the bed and the cab.

One of the injured was taken by Flight For Life to a hospital in Corpus Christi, 40 miles away, while the others were treated at a local hospital.

Three years ago, six illegal aliens were killed when a GMC pickup attempted to enter the NAS and hit the barrier at an extreme rate of speed.

The Kingsville NAS, 125 north of the border at Brownsville, Texas, is an aviation training base and home to 200 enlisted personnel, 300 officers, and nearly one thousand civilian and contract personnel.

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