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For those that doubt America has reached critical mass, simply observe what took place earlier this week in congress, when a subpoenaed witness simply decided not to appear.

Imagine for a moment if we suddenly all decided collectively to simply ignore laws that we felt were intrusive, inconvenient, annoying, or otherwise ignored for whatever reason, and there would be no consequence for our actions.

It wouldn’t be to long that once there were no consequences we would decide to ignore more serious laws, until eventually the “RULE OF LAW” become so compromised that we could no longer distinguish that fine line between a civil society and anarchy.

And no doubt that’s exactly what set off Rep. Trey Gowdy when he exclaimed to Rep. Stephen Lynch, “Where is the criminal liability?”

That pointed question was directed at Rep. Stephen Lynch, in response to Brian Pagliano willful action of ignoring a congressional subpoena ordering him to appear.

Pagliano is one of three server technicians who worked on Hillary Clinton's hoome-brewed email server. He has ignored a subpoena to appear as a witness before this Congressional hearing.

And although Pagliano was granted immunity from prosecution, that doesn’t excuse him from appearing once subpoenaed.

However Democrat Congressman Lynch of Massachusetts had another take on Pagliano’s immunity agreement, stating that Pagliano’s appearance before congress would put that agreement in “jeopardy”

Which of course Gowdy disagreed, stating, “I want to read the agreement between the Department of Justice and this witness and whether or not that agreement requires this witness to cooperate with other entities of government. That is commonplace! For them to say you can tell us the truth but you can’t tell Congress makes no sense! That's all I want.”

Hopefully Gowdy will recommend that this witness either comply with a congressional subpoena or have federal marshals pick him up and force him to comply…however rest assured this character will take the 5th, like the other's!

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