In a video interview with Fox News correspondent Bill Hemmer, Trey Gowdy, a Republican representative from South Carolina and chairman of the Benghazi investigation called out Hillary for keeping private emails on her server, saying it was an issue of control.

The news has broken that Hillary did, in fact, keep classified emails on her private email server and she has now turned that server over to FBI authorities for official review.

Gowdy referenced the blindfolded statue depicting Justice that stands outside of the Justice Department holding a set of scales and said that he expects that justice will be delivered no matter the station or reputation of the person who committed the crimes.

When asked to compare Hillary's email fiasco with that of former General David Petraeus, a man who plead guilty to sharing private and secret communications with his biographer and lover, Gowdy said he expected justice to be served in the same manner.

For a politician given free reign to talk about one of his prime competitors in the political circuit, Gowdy did remarkably well at sticking with the problems and issues that Hillary's email scandal presents to the Benghazi investigation--of which Gowdy is the chairman.

One of Gowdy's most scathing rants against Hillary's email practices and the scandal behind her private email server is the fact that Hillary kept the emails on a private server and left them there for over 20 months after she left the State Department. Suspiciously, however, after 20 months of inactivity Hillary again accessed her server and began deleting emails.

Gowdy's question is why.

"If she were interested in cooperation she would not have done any of the things that she has done," he said. Gowdy continued by saying that the issue was one of control and that Hillary "almost got away with it, but she didn't."

h/t: Real Clear Politics

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