Don’t let that boyish grin and southern charm fool you, Trey Gowdy is a brilliant congressman and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security, and when it comes to the serious business of immigration the South Carolina congressman is about to put the brakes on the “Obama amnesty train” and stop the presidents illegal amnesty bid, by introducing an immigration bill that will defund Obama’s executive order, and hopefully expedite the removal of criminal aliens from America.

Gowdy who has fought to uphold those principles of small government and the ideals set forth within our Constitution introduced the bill HR 1148, named after Michael Davis, Jr., a sheriff’s deputy in California who was killed in the line of duty last year by Marcelo Marquez an illegal immigrant who had been deported twice and had at least two different identities.

The bill would also provide a means to assist in the identification, processing, and deportation of those found to have come into this country illegally, while also implementing an annual review of the executive branch’s use of prosecutorial discretion in immigration cases.

“For decades, Americans have been promised a secure border and an immigration system that works for all Americans,” Gowdy said in his statement.

“Those promises have not been kept and both political parties bear responsibility for that. This legislation allows state and local governments to assist in the enforcement of our federal immigration laws. By doing so, we remove the ability of this or future Presidents – of either party – to systematically shut down portions of the law to suit their political purposes.”

With the recent tragedy in San Francisco and the president reluctance to acknowledge the growing threat of criminal aliens, this bill will also ensure and prevent sanctuary cities (cities that make it clear that they will not enforce immigration laws within their borders) by cutting off all federal funding and grants that pertain to Homeland Security.

h/t: Daily Caller



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