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December seems to be a month of surprises for traditional conservatives; first there was the newly elected Speaker of the House Paul Ryan acting more like the old speaker John Boehner, unveiling over two thousand pages of tax hikes and regulatory legislation costing roughly $2 TRILLION DOLLARS, and acting so much like a Democrat that even Obama gave him a “high five.”

Now we have what many conservatives would consider a rising star within the GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy a brilliant and savvy legislator throwing his support for Sen. Marco Rubio, rather than Sen. Ted Cruz, who is by far a more appealing candidate to traditional conservatives, then Rubio.

Gowdy will join the freshman Senator for a three-day trip to Iowa to rally support for his campaign committing; “Marco is a rock solid conservative and a strong leader we can trust, I look forward to campaigning in Iowa with him, and introducing my good friend to voters across the state.”

There’s no doubt that Rubio is a gifted politician and perhaps Gowdy sees something in him that other don’t in that although Rubio is well versed on national issues, there’s a big question mark in how truly committed and independent he is to immigration reform, in that unlike Cruz, Rubio seems more inline with the establishment ready to deal, and perhaps like the newly elected speaker, act more like a Democrat, on key principled issues.

Gowdy’s announcement comes just as many grassroots conservative activists in the state have begun to coalesce around Sen. Cruz's campaign.

Moreover Gowdy has proven himself to be somewhat of a maverick with a “pit bull” quality thanks to his tough prosecutorial grilling during congressional hearings in which he has chaired the Benghazi investigative committee and which seems more inline with Ted Cruz’s own persona.

Obviously Gowdy’s endorsement will be a big plus for Rubio who trails both Trump and Cruz by a wide margin.

Source: Breitbart


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