Barack Obama has created a dubious legacy for himself when it comes to the way he has handled Middle East policy. He has let Iran off the hook with his obsessive Iranian nuke deal that is so important to his 'legacy'.

Many have questioned where Obama's real allegiance lies after repeated policy moves that solely benefit Muslim extremist countries more than the country he was elected to serve. With this back drop there are new allegations that Obama has hidden a terror attack on American citizens.

More from Yes I'm Right:

A big win for the U.S. overseas today. Saudi officials are reporting that one of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists is now in custody. Ahmed Ibrahim al-Mughassil was responsible for the 1996 Khobar Towers bombings and he’s finally been found and brought to justice!

The Clarion Project reports,

The Khobar Towers bombing targeted a US military compound within Saudi Arabia and killed 19 U.S. servicemen while wounding 372. The FBI placed al-Mughassil on the original list of most-wanted terrorists in 2001 and indicted him for the bombing in absentia along with several others.

In 2006 the U.S. found Iran responsible to the bombing, which had been personally approved by Ayatollah Khamenei.

Why is this important? Because President Obama just struck a deal with Iran on their nuke program. It’s making a deal with the devil. Iran hasn’t changed and never will. Does anyone remember this bombing and that it was Iran responsible for it? Why was this swept under the rug by the Obama Administration? We must demand the answers for these questions!

Strike down this Iran nuke deal and dismantle their arsenal once and for all! This could keep happening otherwise!

Do you think Obama should be held accountable? After so many abuses in power it appears that no politician will try to make him answer these accusations.

Do you think a more radical candidate like Trump would pursue charges more aggressively than any other candidate in the race?


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