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The sad reality and what apparently the liberal mainstream media and many on the political left and within the gay community refuse to acknowledge is that the Middle East for all its modern advancements, economic wealth and so-called new-found cultural enlightenment, is still steeped in 7th century dogma.

And while both Europe and America pretend that the Middle East is somehow similar in terms of civil liberties, the barbarians go about their business terrorizing, beheading Christians, throwing homosexual's of roofs, while creating mayhem all across the globe

Transgender model Gigi Gorgeous is simply the latest causality, in the continued cultural clash that has been going on for well over 1,000 years; luckily she was denied entrance into Dubai, acknowledged by both the American State Department and within Dubai’s own vacation brochures, to be “one of the United Arab Emirates' seven emirates, and one of the most liberal cities in the Middle East.”

“Lucky” in that history has demonstrated and more recent events have shown that those individuals within the LGBTQ community are at risk of being officially abused, harmed, imprisoned and even murdered simply because of their sexuality.

Moreover while those in political power pretend that it’s only radical Islam that targets gays, Christians or anyone that has a different view of the world, in reality Islam itself through the teachings within the Koran is the basis for all “radicalization.”



Gigi chronicles her ordeal within this 8-minute video clip, of being singled out at the airport and detained for over 2-hours, and then being told she was not welcome in Dubai, however in all probability she doesn’t know how lucky she may have been.

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