Political correctness is alive and well in America. It's growing like a cancer and not showing any signs of stopping. Most recently it cost a school district $60,000 in taxpayer funds because a teacher was offended. Here's what happened.

A fifth grade elementary school teacher in the Gresham-Barlow School District in Oregon says that fellow employees wouldn't call her by her preferred gender-neutral pronoun and launched a lawsuit against the school district.

That teacher, who now goes by the name Leo Soell, waited for three years in her school employment to make it past the probation period required by the school district. When those three years were up, Soell--who then identified as a female--was diagnosed with breast cancer. Following the cancer she underwent reconstructive breast surgery to look more like a man and requested that she be referred to as the plural, gender-neutral "they."

But, according to Soell's lawsuit, her coworkers refused to adopt their references and also used the gender-neutral bathroom so that Soell couldn't.

Following complaints of harassment, the school district launched an investigation to determine whether Soell's complaints were true. They turned up nothing, but Soell said that the harassment continued.

She claimed that coworkers put vaseline on her cupboards, shouted insults, and deliberately used the bathroom.

It was at that point that Soell obtained legal counsel and launched her lawsuit.

Instead of being dragged through the mud, the school district decided that it would simply settle with Soell. The district paid out $60,000 to Soell for "emotional damages" and also agreed to add transgender bathrooms in all of its schools.

Soell, for her part, said that she now "feels safe," but that safety came at a huge cost to taxpayers.

Is it fair that one person can exact so much from a community simply because that person claims "emotional damages"?

America, we can't afford to be this politically correct. It's going to bankrupt us and make us whining babies who will get crushed in the competitive global market.

h/t: Oregon Live

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