The Islamic Jihadis are at it again.

This time in Rincón de la Victoria, province of Malaga, Andalusia, Spain. It isn’t until stories like this one, reported here, that you learn that the “Religion of Pieces” is at work desecrating EVERYTHING non-Muslim around the world.

In Spain, the Church of Our Lady of Carmen, was vandalized by Muslims who destroyed statues of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary, and spray-painted “Allah” on the walls.

One month prior, an attack occurred whereby the Virgin Mary statue was stoned in concert with the demonic chant, “Allahu Akbar.”

The mistake Christians continue to make, as was the case here, is to say that these acts are not reflective of all Muslims. Really? Then where are the so-called moderate, tolerant, Muslims? Why have they not turned in their hunted brethren?

The answer is because they do not care, they are sympathetic to their leaders’ causes, and they hold more allegiance to Islam than anything else. They’ve said it and they continue to say it.

All of them, and Christians better wake up to that fact.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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