There is no denying that ISIS men are cowards. When you think about it, how else would you describe them? They tie up their victims, to include children, in order to perform unspeakable acts while not allowing their captive to fight back. It must be amazingly empowering to be afraid of a 9-year old. How about the refugees in general, originating from these Middle Eastern countries, overwhelmingly sans women and children? Pretty cowardly to leave your wife and kids behind to escape the horrors of ISIS. Noble chivalry is dead in that part of the world. Scratch that. It never evolved into being.

In a magnanimous display of bravery, the women have picked up the sword, and automatic weapons and have taken up the mantle to fight evil. Somebody’s gotta do it and obviously the job isn’t meant for the neutered eunuchs over there. Not only are the Jihadis afraid of little children, they are petrified of women. If one of them is killed by a woman, they believe they won’t get their 72 virgins when they get to the Mecca in the sky.

The women spoken of are a Christian militia known as the Female Protection Forces of the Land between the Two Rivers. They have roughly 50 soldiers and are defining the land and the people left between the Tigris and Euphrates-the cradle of civilization.  These ladies are the second major anti-Caliphate force in the region. The other being the female warriors of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units.  These gals cooperate with the Syrian Democratic Forces; Kurdish, Arab, and Christians who have no interest in a Caliphate being established in their homeland. The forces have received the back-up of the American led coalition and have been supplied with American air-drops of weaponry.

While this war is tragic all the way around, it is heartening to know that American is doing something write. It should also be inspiring to women everywhere and serve as an example of what being it means to be a strong and empowered woman.

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