Why are there some who feel that they have the right to speak their mind at all times, that they have the freedom to express themselves in any way that they want, and yet... these same people don't believe that others have the freedom to follow their beliefs? A feminist woman was arrested while trying to steal baby Jesus from a Vatican nativity display. This woman was topless at the time, and the had a clear message printed on her body. It seems that this woman disagreed with the fact that Jesus was displayed as a boy in the nativity scene, and she felt the need to push her beliefs onto the group that had put the display up in the first place. This woman wanted to make a statement for what she believed, she wanted to share her beliefs in her own way, and she didn't care if she offended anyone. This woman was so concerned about looking out for her own beliefs, and the freedom that she felt that she had to do that, that she didn't care about the fact that she was offending those who had put the nativity scene up in the first place.

Why do some feel the freedom to fight for their own beliefs, even when they are fighting against the beliefs of others? How does a topless feminist feel justified in stealing from someone just to make a point? Are there other, better ways in which this woman could have proclaimed her - strange and personal - message?

It is hard-hitting and scary when something as simple and innocent, as special and beautiful as a nativity scene can be messed with by someone seeking to share their beliefs with the world. It is sad to think that someone would believe so strongly in their own agenda that they would justify the act of stealing no matter what it is that they are choosing to steal and who they are taking it from.

Video & Photo Credit to: RT



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