The global war on terror has gradually transitioned into a global war on ISIS. Coalitions of countries are working to bomb and harass the growing power of the Islamic State in the Middle East, but it turns out that might not be the most dangerous front of the war.

United States General John Campbell is the commanding officer in Afghanistan. He has control over U.S. and NATO forces in the area and he's sounding a very different bell than President Obama.

Obama has repeatedly called ISIS a "JV squad," and made the mistake several weeks ago of pronouncing the terror group "contained." Then came the Paris attacks, followed by the San Bernardino shootings. It's clear that the president's idea of containment is a false one.

Now, in Afghanistan, General Campbell is sounding another warning bell and it remains to be seen whether Obama will listen or not.

You see, ISIS isn't the only front for the Islamic State. A new group, the Islamic State - Khorasan Province (ISKP) has risen in Afghanistan and is vying with the Taliban for control of the region.

The group's name Islamic State - Khorasan Province, refers to a historical grouping of countries in Western Asia that typically contained Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and India. For another terror group to be aligning itself so closely with ISIS in another, geographically proximate area, is beyond troubling.

"They don’t have the capability right now to attack Europe, or attack the homeland, the United States, but that’s what they want to do," said General Campbell. ISKP is actively fighting with the Taliban seeking control of Afghanistan. If they do obtain control, it's clear that their ultimate goal is to use their resources to attack the United States.

President Obama, however, has ignored his generals' comments about ISKP and seems content with making pronouncements about gun control, rather than helping protect the United States from terror foes at home and abroad.

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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