Well, there may be a Democrat who is not a pathological liar in Congress after all.

Senator Chris Murphy spilled the beans on ABC's “Face the State” about a well-kept secret by Democrats that they did not want to get out to the public.

Not only did Senator Murphy admit that Democrats have no ability whatsoever to impeach President Trump but he also admitted that Trump has kept every single one of his campaign promises so far. We all knew that the likes of Maxine Waters were blowing nothing but hot air but to have a member of the Democratic Congress admit they are powerless is reassuring news.

When asked if Trump was mentally fit to hold office as President Murphy replied with a rare glimpse of truth from a Democrat:

“He did win the electoral college despite this bizarre behavior as a candidate, so you can’t impeach somebody for doing what they said they were going to do as a candidate. Whether we like it or not, he is fulfilling all of the very reckless promises…he made during the campaign.”

Please share this admittance by the Democrats that Trump has done nothing to be impeached for. A Democrat will most likely never let the truth about Trump out again.

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