Like academia and mainstream media, Hollywood is a cesspit of liberal zombies. Sure, there is the occasional smart Hollywood A-lister like Tim Allen who champions conservative causes. However, for every Tim Allen, there are 20 Katy Perrys and Miley Cyruses.

Fortunately, the liberal establishment is suffering a PR nightmare right now thanks to some revelations from one of their own. American film producer Harvey Weinstein has been exposed as a pervert and creep who used his influence to take advantage of young women.

Here are some of the allegations against Weinstein: he once asked Ashley Judd to watch him take a shower. He also paid Rose McGowan $100,000 in a settlement case after the actress accused him of sexual harassment, which allegedly took place before Mcgowan's breakout role in the 1996 thriller film Scream.

As it turns out, Weinstein is also your typical Hollywood leftist. He was an avid Hillary supporter and donated generously to her campaign. He was also cozy with the Obamas and even gave Malia Obama an internship. He was a frequent White House guest during Obama's administration.

Weinstein had a deplorable response to the allegations, saying that his actions were justified because things were "different in the 80s'." The filmmaker said that in light of the public scrutiny, he would be stepping away from Hollywood and devote to other progressive causes, such as fighting the NRA. Go figure.

With the news, this leads to the next question: how much did Obama, Clinton, and other established Democrats know? It especially wouldn't be a surprise to learn that Hillary knew all along. After all, she had no trouble covering up her husband's own sexual affairs.

If you expect any Democrats to condemn Weinstein's actions, you can expect the sound of crickets. Liberals are all about doing what's best for the establishment.

Should Hollywood elitists and liberals distance themselves from this womanizer?

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