The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren is at it again, speaking the way most Americans are thinking. In one of her latest takes on society, “Doors have Lock, Citizens have Guns & Countries have Borders…” she really lets it rip regarding the  invasion of the Middle Eastern fake refugees into Europe,  and provides Sweden, “the rape capital of the world,” as an example of the disastrous direction we are heading.

Who wants them over here other than our wannabe Mullah, President Obama? NOBODY.  As far as we are concerned those good refugees can take their butts back to their land and fight to right it, rather than allowing themselves and their families to be taken advantage of.

Think of the question Ms. Lahren asks as to how we operate in this country, compared to the Middle East and Europe.

“Do you lock your doors? Is it because you hate the people outside? No it’s because you love the people inside. That’s why doors have locks, citizens have guns and countries have borders.”

Is America going to remember this basic principle of freedom, she asks?

“We don’t get better by becoming something else. We get better by going back to the values, traditions, and patriotism that made this country great.”

Damn straight, and any refugee that comes here needs to get with that program, integrate into this country and take the awesomeness of what it means to be and American into their hearts and stop trying to change us into their backward society.

They came here. We have not, did not, and will never try to immigrate and integrate there.

h/t: Chicks On The Right

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