Look at it as the intellectual equivalent of female jello wrestling.

Two blonds -- one decidedly pro-Trump, the other rabidly anti-Trump -- going liberal head to conservative head in what's billed as the political grudge match of the century.

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren and liberal comedian Chelsea Handler have agreed to debate on Politicon in Pasadena at the end of July. And it's not going to be pretty.

Handler would like to make mincemeat out of Trump. She hates him with the passion of an adrenalin junkie on cocaine and vowed to move to Canada if Trump won. He did. She's still here.

If Handler's style of comedy is your thing then you're probably familiar with her controversial "Chelsea Does" four-part series where Handler tackles the big issues, like marriage and racism.

In "Chelsea Does Racism," she confesses that several members of her family have "jungle fever" and that she finds Asian men unattractive. She even gets her elderly dad to make a series of racially inappropriate comments, because she loves him that much.

After joining the anti-Trump #resistance, Handler strapped on her pink pussy headgear and led the Women's March in January. But her big claim to fame was her lampooning of Russian President Vladimir Putin while posing topless on a horse.

In the other corner is Toni Lahren, outspoken pro-choice, pro-Trump pundit who made headlines in April when she filed suit against crybaby Glenn Beck and her former employer, The Blaze. Lahren settled the case in May.

Lahren is what you'd call a political firebrand -- a gutsy, assertive, take-no-prisoners kind of gal who would experience no greater joy than to perform a polemical body slam of Barack Obama.

"I am your worst nightmare. I don’t care what you label me or how many times you come for me. I am fearless and I’m just getting started,” Lahren announced while at The Blaze.

Lahren can be forgiven for her early support of Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio in the primary. But her mind appears to be in the right place.

It's shaping up to be one ferocious battle royale of television's two bad-ass barbies. When the dust settles, a kind of history will be made, but it won't make a damned bit of difference.

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Source: Daily Wire

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