You know the honeymoon is finally over when even liberal icon Tom Brokaw takes off his symbolic “wedding band” in the hallowed studios of MSNBC, and declares the partnership over.

So egregious was Obama’s error in judgment that Brokaw took the opportunity to publicly criticize his handling of the Belgium terror attacks, and opting instead to attend a baseball game in Cuba, with a Commie dictator, rather than fly home and spend time reassuring the country and reaching out to the people of Brussels.

Brokaw usually measured in his criticism of Obama said: “So much of politics and national security is a combination of symbolism and reality,” Brokaw said Wednesday. “The reality is that we did have that attack yesterday. It was unnerving to us, it was devastating in Europe.”

“But at the same time, the symbolism is that the president stayed at the baseball game all day long where you would have thought he would have said, ‘Look, we’ve got more business that I have to deal with, I wish you well,’ get on the phone,” he continued. “We’ve got to put together some kind of a bulletproof syndicate to deal with all this.”

However this pattern of woeful disrespect in the face of a tragic event is a part of Obama’s character, and while most of us view a tragic event with a profound sense of empathy, and our capacity to feel, Obama is just the opposite.

Therefore it’s quite easy to reference an American journalist being beheaded, and seconds later play a round of golf, “smiling.”

Do you agree with Tom Brokaw in that Obama has completely failed in his lack of response to the Brussels attacks?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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