Was it a “snub” or a “family obligation? Whatever it was the liberal left is apparently flipping out at Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady’s apparent “no show” at the White House honoring the Super Bowl champs.

The widely publicized and apparent snub took on an ugly racial overtone by co-host Stephen A. Smith of ESPN’s “First Take” sport show, when he began to question the motive of why the conservative quarterback and captain  of the New England Patriots was not in attendance.

Smith was apparently annoyed that Brady had visited the White House three times in the past when the then occupant was President Bush, and went on to question pointedly: “I’m just simply presenting the question because I’ve got a problem with the fact that the franchise quarterback, the face of the New England Patriots, future Hall of Famer and all of this other stuff, Tom Brady can’t do anything wrong.”

Obviously Smith seemed to be the only one having a problem with Brady’s explanation of why he wasn’t in attendance and used his segment on the show to imply something sinister taking place, which seemed somewhat perplexing to the other host.

However New England’s full-time chaplain Jack Easterby seemed to summit up perfectly, in sighting the demanding schedule and the time spent away from home and family and that perhaps Brady felt that being with his family was more important than receiving yet another award from yet another president.



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