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Finally, a win for common sense. In the state of Tennessee business owners who require their customers with concealed carry permits to disarm before entering the premises will now be held liable for those patrons safety.

This protection for customers will extend wild animals, trespassers and fellow patrons, among other things. In the grand scope of things having a business accept liability for your safety is of little consequence to someone who is seriously injured or killed.

However, hopefully what this bill will now do is incentivize shop owners to stop the restriction of firearms inside of their stores.

Businesses do not want to accept liability for someone in their store being injured in a freak accident, so instead they will likely allow those individuals to carry their protection into the store with them.

There seems to be little to argue with in this bill. It is a common sense solution that if you force someone to abandon a potential safety mechanism that they are allowed to have legally, then you should be responsible for whatever harm befalls them.

Liberals will argue that this will only make business more dangerous due to the amount of people who will now be armed within a small confine, but that is narrow sighted.

The only thing a weapon ban does is signify to anyone with a weapon, and a grudge that the building they are about to enter is an easy target.

 Law-abiding citizens should be allowed to protect themselves.

Source: Breitbart

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